Kim celebrates Jeanette. We celebrate both.

By Anna King, Communications Coordinator, Workday Project

On Wednesday, October 18, Kim Courtright (Business Process Analyst, Workday Project) submitted a touching piece to the Department of Administrative Services’ internal dashboard (“DASH”) regarding the impact Jeanette Miley (HR Systems Manager) has had on her career and Oregon state government’s HR systems at large.

Both Kim and Jeanette have contributed so much through their years of public service with state government. However, Kim’s kind reflection does not just resonate with the Workday Project team on an emotional level – it is a reminder that the current and future HR systems teams have much to live up to in terms of dedication, growth and leadership.

The following visual is a screenshot of the DASH piece followed by its manuscript:

Kim's piece for Jeannette - 10.19.17


The Chief Human Resources Office came together this year to celebrate Jeanette Miley’s 40-year milestone in state service. I was asked to compose some thoughts because of my long association with Jeanette (who is pictured below, at the celebration, listening to stories being told about her).

I first met Jeanette as a customer.

In the late 1970s, I worked for programs that are now part of DHS and my role involved entering personnel actions into the state’s HR system, “PED1.” Many employees have never heard the term PED1. It predated our current system – the Personnel and Position Data Base (PPDB) – and PPDB is over 25 years old! Any time I had a question about PED1, I called “Jeanette at DAS.” She was well known in agencies as THE professional for any aspect of personnel records. I knew my questions would be answered when Jeanette picked up the phone.

In the year 2000, I joined the DAS PPDB team and Jeanette and I became co-workers – taking care of customers, testing system changes and troubleshooting issues. We often compared notes and I was always happy when she would confirm that my approach was the right one. She helped me to think things through and research all the angles. I learned so much from her! Eventually she became the supervisor of the PPDB unit, a natural fit as everyone went to Jeanette when they needed to understand the technicalities of the PPDB system. Her mind is an encyclopedia of HR knowledge.

History in a personnel records system is crucial as things change. Jeanette through the years has cared deeply about her work in employee records and about the people she works with. From my view, having been a customer, a co-worker, and an employee, Jeanette always goes above and beyond, truly giving her all.

Now that the new “Workday” system is coming to life (it will go live in June 2018), Jeanette’s expertise is even more valuable. When she finally does retire from state government, she can do so knowing what a huge difference she has made in the state’s personnel systems – all three of them!

Thank you, Jeanette, for your depth of knowledge and caring attitude, and for all you taught me and so many others! -Kim Courtright