Meet Joyce: the Project Manager

By Joyce Martinez, Project Manager, Workday Project

Workday Home Page

As the Workday Project Manager for Oregon state government, most of my day is filled with managing the project’s scope, schedule and budget.  But like most state government managers, in addition to my regular work duties, I also manage employees.   I personally look forward to the manager self-service functionality available in Workday.  It will be great to log in daily and see a personalized home page containing information about my team that I find most valuable such as performance appraisals due this month and who has upcoming birthdays. As a manager, I will need to approve tasks initiated by my employees.  I can easily find these in my inbox with all of the relevant information necessary to make an educated decision.  Also, approving time-off will become easier.  When I get a vacation request from an employee, I will have the ability to view a calendar that shows me who else has already been approved to take that day off.

I will also have a personalized dashboard on my homepage (an example is provided below) that can provide me one-touch access to my favorite reports as well as other important information such as the latest developments in my open job recruitment postings.  I will also have tools like safety and incident tracking, career goal setup, and succession planning available to help me manage my workforce and help my employees meet their career goals.  What I am probably most excited about is the ability to access information on my employees so much quicker than pulling out a cardboard file folder and flipping through papers.  I am eager for the opportunity Workday brings to make my managerial duties easier.

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First Strategic Recruiter Workshop a success for project training leads

By Tammy Maddalena, Training Co-Lead (Content Delivery), Workday Project

Twenty-eight Oregon state government recruiters attended a Strategic Recruiter Workshop at the Cherry Avenue Training Center in Salem on October 30.  The Training unit’s goal for the workshop was to provide recruiters with the tools and training necessary to look beyond minimum qualifications and therefore better provide managers with top talent in any given recruiting process. Some of the topics covered in the workshop included: application and resume screening; telephone interviews; interview question design; and relationship building between hiring managers and recruiters.

There are two more upcoming workshops. Sign up for a future workshop in iLearnOregon.  Hurry – our next class is on November 9!