Workday and ePayroll: Two systems, one integration

By Gina Beaman, Payroll Business Consultant, Workday Project

As we approach the June 2018 implementation date for Workday, the new enterprise-wide HRIS system, the Workday Project team encourages our payroll partners not currently using ePayroll for timekeeping to consider this option for their agencies.

There are many benefits to using ePayroll, especially for your traditional Monday – Friday, 8-5 employees. For example, payroll staff and/or timekeepers would not have to wait on paper timesheets to arrive for entry in to ePayroll. Also, if you have some employees with more complicated timekeeping needs, agencies could continue using their current timekeeping system and only transfer employees with less complex needs to ePayroll.  Not only do ePayroll business processes save time for payroll staff, they also save time for the supervisors seeing as they can review time electronically and either approve or send it back to the employee for corrections within this recommended system. Once Workday is implemented, employees will request time in Workday; after a supervisor approves a time off request, the employee who submitted the request can simply sign in to ePayroll to update their time, which is much easier and more efficient than using paper.

Our ePayroll handout provides further explanation of the benefits of entering time in ePayroll.