Meet Cecil: The Organizational Change Management Lead

By Cecil Owens, Organizational Change Management Lead, Workday Project

Fun fact: In high school, I was on the cheerleading team that finished runner up at States.

The most important thing to me, in my work, is that I am able to help people. That’s why I was drawn to the Workday Project in the first place. In this role, I lead the execution of a systematic approach to dealing with change, both from the perspective of the individual user and the organization. My biggest takeaway from this project is the Workday system’s ability to help our 92 agencies and over 40,000 state government employees take care of themselves – and each other – in a way that is far beyond anything we’ve ever had before. That is why this opportunity was not just the right decision for me professionally, but personally as well. The closer we get to implementation, the more excited I get for the real impact this change will have.

Currently, accurate HR data is not easy to get your hands on, and once you have got your hands on it, there’s no guarantee that the information is still up-to-date. In June of this year, our employees will be empowered with information. Managers, supervisors and employees will have real-time data at their fingertips depending upon their security permissions, like they’ve never had before. It’s going to bring a level of credibility and confidence, to both our systems and our people, that makes every employee’s life easier.

In order to reach full potential, communication is going to be key. This is why we’ve set up what we call our “Workday Change Network.” A large component of this network is a group called “Agency Readiness Contacts” (ARCs) that make sure our agencies’ needs are considered throughout every step of this enterprise-wide change. It was cool to learn, just this week, that this group sees our executive and senior leaderships championing this implementation as well. As the “go-live” data draws closer, and more project communication is distributed, I’m excited to see how our employees feel , too.

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