PPDB shadowing: A valuable learning experience

By Jessi Fitts, Business Transition Trainer, Workday Project

No matter if you are a manager, human resources professional or a PPDB (legacy HR system) analyst, take a look at your inbox. How many stacks of paper are sitting on your desk right now that require some type of action?  One? Two? Three or more? How many of those papers are simple personnel actions such as updating an address, changing direct deposit information, or approving the transfer of an employee to another agency? These are just a few of the many processes that Workday will streamline for Oregon state government.

I shadowed four agencies this past December and January, learning how HR and PPDB users navigate the current HR system, how Workday will change their daily routines, and above all, how they felt about this change. In Workday, PPDB administrators will serve more of an auditing role than a processing or data entry role. The change to a cloud-based HR system has made some of our HR records staff a little concerned about how the new workflow will look, but the majority were happy to have a way for employees to update their own address, emergency contact information or direct deposit information for payroll without filling out and submitting a form. Additionally, PPDB and HR records teams are eager to work with streamlined processes that won’t require the use of multiple ancillary systems for one task or process.

It didn’t take long for me to see how important these employees are to our HR records system. Each agency asked a number of great questions, and I saw a lot of similarities and some unique processes. I am confident that Workday will be a breath of fresh air seeing as the current PPDB system is no longer supported and ancillary systems have had to take up the slack for too long. It is time to get those papers off of our desks and use a 21st century HR system, Workday, to effectively and efficiently initiate, process and track personnel actions.