Meet Karsyn: The Project Management Office’s Administrative Support

By Karsyn Mathany, PMO Administrative Support, Workday Project

Fun fact: I love cats, and during my breaks and free time, I check the Willamette Humane Society website for kittens at least three times a day.

As a part of the Project Management Office (PMO), one of my responsibilities is to schedule meetings for the project team. So I am sure that most of you reading through this blog post have gotten various meeting requests from me over the last few months! I am also positive that there are more to come, because you just can’t stop this team.

Since my desk is located near the front entrance of our building, I get to see everyone on the team come in every morning with smiling faces, always excited for the day to come. Throughout the week, different project team members will come in with Workday news and update me on what they are currently working on. It’s really exciting to see how passionate everyone is about what we are doing, and just how involved they are, every step of the way.

When I am not assisting my teammates with projects they request help on, my daily job duties are pretty routine, so it makes my day that much more exciting when I get to hear about the project milestones that other team members have reached. Seeing this team finish the Architect stage, start the Configure and Prototype stage and continue to charge ahead after three weeks of playback sessions is truly inspiring.

Although times are getting more stressful with the implementation date getting closer and closer, no one on this team has lost any bit of enthusiasm. We are all excited for this change. Team Awesome is truly,  AWESOME!

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