Meet Shilo: The Classification & Compensation / Recruitment Business Consultant

By Shilo Muller, Classification & Compensation / Recruitment Business Consultant, Workday Project

Fun fact: I enjoy baking, particularly cupcakes. I often take pieces of different recipes to make my own creations.

My biggest takeaway from working on this project has to be learning the importance of a great team – their support and the impact they can have on making a project successful. While working with the other subject matter experts on the project team, I have had the opportunity to advance my knowledge in other areas of human resources. I have also gained understanding of many agencies, their processes and some distinctive areas where their business differs from others’.

My areas of focus on the project include Recruitment, Classification and Compensation. As you may be aware, these areas have many touch points with each other and a number of other areas such as payroll, talent and core human capital management. Our current systems lack the ability to collect, access and report on various human resources-related data elements across the enterprise; many processes are documented or processed outside of current systems, or within multiple systems. Workday will help provide one unified system of record and seamless transition between HR functions. A perfect example of system cohesion would be: an applicant you hire in the recruiting module is hired. Then, the applicant’s information is transitioned into the human capital management module as an employee. This new employee’s talent profile will begin with the information they provided during the application process.

Workday continues to provide additional features and enhancements through regular releases. There has been a number of “large lifts” the project team has worked through and continues to work through. Team members advance the project every day, work through issues and risks and think outside of the box for solutions. The project team is passionate about the success of this project and strives to configure a system that incorporates leading best practices, state processes, policies, and laws that will work for all branches of state government. In all areas, Workday will increase the ability to report off of our data. This is a huge win and could include data needed for pay equity, recruitment timelines and recruitment sourcing, just to name a few.

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