Meet Roger: The Technical Team Lead

By Roger Dosier, Technical Team Lead, Workday Project

Fun fact: Outdoor pursuits are my big thing, and I love training my retrievers for field work.

I was hired to be the consistent IT lead on project teams as we replace enterprise legacy systems with industry leading, modern IT systems. I work with legacy system and agency teams all over state government to collectively address the Workday Project’s IT impact. This project is not just an HR project – it’s an IT project, too.

Because agencies capture their HR information independently of each other, we cannot report consistent, in-depth enterprise-level data. We do have PPDB, but it’s limited in its enterprise-wide functionality. Workday will change all that because it’s all about meaningful information management. Workday will allow us to have one source of truth in order to really become one employer.

We want to provide meaningful information, full feature HCM functionality and the ability to run advanced analytics in real time to state government employees and citizens of the State of Oregon. This transition will give us the ability to provide in-depth analysis for better decision making. With Workday, we will truly be able to understand our human capital assets, provide for career growth and accurately account for succession planning.

Sounds pretty good to me!

 Roger 2.jpg