Meet Brandon: The HR Systems Analyst

By Brandon Dolquist, HR Systems Analyst, Workday Project

Fun fact: I have summited Mt. Rainier.

I am a “PPDB Reporting and System Analyst,” which means I have a deep understanding and knowledge of the current HR system and all of its related data. The current personnel system that we use is a bit antiquated and lacks a lot of functionality relative to today’s business needs – and that’s what we’re working to address. Workday will provide greater functionality, security and accountability. We will better understand our enterprise and be better prepared to positively impact individual organizations’ missions within Oregon state government.

I am definitely excited for go-live! It will be interesting to see how the enterprise evolves moving forward. So much of our reporting will be easier, faster and more dependable with Workday. Once managers learn how to run reports in the new system, agencies will truly be able to spend more time on actual strategy than on processing all the paperwork.

This project has been a great learning experience, and working with the project team has been a delight. Everyone on the team has been able to come together and overcome many challenges every step of the way. I think my biggest takeaway, though, is a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, our business processes and data management.

Brandon 1