Meet Jeff: the Talent, Performance & Learning Management Business Consultant

By Jeff Vidal, Talent, Performance & Learning Management Business Consultant, Workday Project

Fun fact: I’ve owned over 50 classic cars, but my current project is a 1964 Chevy Belair Station Wagon.

The Secretary of State audited Oregon state government and subsequently determined that we need to have comprehensive succession planning for our employees. As it stands now, we don’t have an electronic system to automate or track this kind of process. This is where my role comes in. What we currently call “Performance Management” is actually two separate functional areas in Workday: Talent and Performance. So my role not only covers succession planning but performance reviews, performance development and everything in between, as well.

The best part about Workday has to be how intuitive its product and reporting capabilities are, all the while allowing for transparency across state government. Workday will allow us to succession plan for any position within the statewide organizational charts. It’s clear that the more we use Workday, the better the succession planning will be for all state government employees. Through new reporting and information management capabilities, we’ll be able to gain much more consistency in performance management across the enterprise.

Very few organizations within state government have an automated system to complete performance reviews in, and most still complete them through a pen and paper process. With Workday, we are going to use a boomerang integration to automatically kick-off performance reviews 60 days before the review’s actual due date. These kinds of performance and succession planning tools will empower employees with the ability to control their own career paths like never before.

From my years working on the iLearnOregon system, I appreciate how difficult and rewarding it is to get over 90 agencies – not to mention dozens of other board and commissions – to agree upon standardized business processes and templates. It’s been fun to be a part of the team that is integrating all the various HR components into a single system so we can truly be “one employer.” It is incredible to note just how valuable Workday will be to all our employees, especially as they move around throughout their careers with Oregon state government.

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