Meet Dan: The Absence & Safety Business Consultant

By Dan Jones, Absence & Safety Business Consultant, Workday Project

Fun fact: I enjoy off-road and motocross riding. I find the steepest, gnarliest hill around, then see if I can get my motorcycle to the top!

I believe that Workday is going to move Oregon state government into an awesome future. I hope that all agencies, boards and commissions fully adopt Workday and willingly move all of their human resource processes into the system.

My role as the the Business Consultant for Absence and Safety means that I oversee how Workday will accommodate both areas of functionality for implementation. Because absence and safety are two different subjects, they deserve separate explanations within the Workday context:

Workday’s absence functionality will allow a state government employee to review their personal leave balances and to request time off. Managers will be able to view all of their employees’ approved time off in one calendar view. Managers may approve, send back or deny time off requests. All absence requests are transparent to the employee and manager through Workday’s reporting and analytics functions. Family & Medical Leave will also be maintained within Workday.

With the right strategies in place, Workday has the potential to help agencies reduce future incidences and injuries by giving them a robust reporting and analytical system. Agency safety committees, managers and safety professionals across state government will be able to focus on targeted danger areas and build strategies to address them. With one statewide system, we will now be able to analyze trends over a larger employee base to reveal potential safety training needs.

The best part of the Workday Project is the team I am currently working with. I appreciate everyone’s work ethic, intelligence and humor. I have learned a lot about many agencies that I was not previously exposed to and am excited to take this knowledge back to my home agency once Workday is up and running.

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