Meet Jenn: the Organizational Change Manager

By Jenn Schierling, Organizational Change Manager, Workday Project

Fun fact: My life revolves around music, I love karaoke and dancing. While I love all kinds of music, rap and hip hop feed my soul.

Being an Organizational Change Manager on the Workday Project Team means I get to help people understand while change can be difficult, it’s going to be ok. I also need to have extensive knowledge regarding current state HR practices and processes.  I understand change can be challenging but without it where would we be? I feel it’s important to be aware that change is more than a process or technology we use, we are human – not just human capital. Recognizing change can affect us on an emotional and personal level is important in helping people through change to acceptance.

As much as I embrace change, I like things to change and be new (i.e. technology), I also have resistance to changes like everyone else, even during this project I have had moments of resistance. I like to think this is why I am on the project, for growth. I take this as a personal challenge for me to look at myself and learn to accept and adapt.

Currently our state systems are disjointed. Workday will improve how we conduct business and provide consistency that we previously have not had. Having familiarity with policies and technology and software  can make job transitions much smoother and time efficient for employees. With our current processes it can take up to two weeks for someone to get a computer and access, and learn the new agency policies, having to deal with the differences for common tasks between agencies while learning new job responsibilities.  All of this can be stressful. With the use of Workday, I know job transitions will be a more positive and engaging experience for current and new  state employees.

Workday looks pretty awesome so far, there are so many things we can now do that were not even a possibility before. Now our job, as the Workday Project Team, is to make sure those processes work in the system correctly. I am most excited for people to use the self service, I think that it will be everyone’s favorite feature. With the self service feature employees will be able to look at all of their own information, add skills and look at a career path.

Everyone should get on board with Workday! I sure am! 🙂

Jenn 2