Meet our three new trainers: Scott, Shanon and Emily

By Scott Ciullo, Shanon Jackson and Emily Martin (Business Transition Trainers, Workday Project)

Fun facts about us:

Scott: I raise carnivorous plants in bogs!

Shanon: I love Zumba and biking, and I have an amazing turquoise bicycle.

Emily: I used to Polynesian dance and will find any opportunity to get up to dance, regardless of the environment.

Hi, I’m Scott and I have recently been asked to join the Workday Project as a training designer. I come from the Self Sufficiency Training Unit of the Department of Administrative Services, and my expertise is primarily in Classroom and E-Learning design. I am excited to join the project team and be involved in a project that will affect so many public employees in such a positive way. I love a challenge and look forward to sharing my expertise with the team.

My name is Shanon J. I have worked for Oregon state government for a little over 11 years. For 7 of those 11 years, I have worked with a variety of payroll units and am currently on rotation from Department of Administrative Services’ Payroll division. I have had the opportunity to be involved with a payroll  consolidation project, and built processes and improvements during the consolidation between 2015 and 2016.  I am currently working on completing my Associates degree in Accounting and Business Management. Workday will provide a much needed way to make business processes paperless and streamlined enterprise-wide. With the implementation of Workday, management, employees and business partners alike will be better informed with easily accessible data.

I’m Emily and I manage hiring, requisitions, interviews and new employee orientations within the Department of Human Services for District 5 . In the few weeks that I have been a part of the project team, I have witnessed the amazing environment throughout this office. I am most excited to be a part of the project because Workday will greatly improve communication between managers and employees in terms of professional development. Workday also provides a centralized and trackable system for employee development plan’s  and performance feedback. This system will enhance our capability to create goals as well as document achievements and skills across an employee’s career.

The three of us look forward to gaining knowledge and honing the skills needed to assist others before and after Workday goes live. We are so excited to be a part of this project and witness this enhancement to state government!