Fun fact: I am a certified marksman and as an undergrad I qualified for the NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championship.

I coordinate both internal and external communications for the project. My primary goal is to make sure project communications establish the most accurate and comprehensive messaging possible. We use our state government website, email, a blog, Twitter, a newsletter, and printed literature to keep stakeholders informed.

My highest priority is answering people’s questions about Workday. When questions are either asked of the team during meetings or sent to the team’s inbox, I work with functional team members and use previously established answers to similar inquiries (when applicable) to answer them. I then determine whether the question is of broader interest to others across state government and to the public. A pressing question and answer may show up on our website as a frequently asked question, Tweet or the focus of a newsletter article. By sharing a message through multiple channels, more readers develop a deeper understanding of Workday and how it will help state government alleviate HR inconveniences and streamline many business processes.

The Workday Project is currently Oregon state government’s largest IT project, which means there is a lot of pressure to ensure it is a success. We have configured a system on behalf of state government that will benefit all employees. The project team works amazingly well together and we pride ourselves in the impact we’re making.

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