Fun Fact: I almost joined the circus with my mom at age 10.

As the Business Change Manager I oversee the business aspects of the Workday project. Included are the functional, change management, communications and training teams for  the project. Additionally I am responsible for the current HR systems: eRecruit, PPDB and iLearn. My job involves a lot of critical thinking and planning, specifically with regard to our current systems and how we strategically replace them.

I often hear people say the implementation of Workday is an HR systems effort. However, it really is much more! It’s really a holistic business project ttwhat needs to be treated as such so we can best serve our state government and the citizens of Oregon more efficiently, effectively and strategically. Prior to state government service, I was a part of the private sector and came from a company that had good human resource systems.  When I started with the state in 2003 I was very surprised by Oregon government’s outdated systems. I have looked forward to this project since my first day. Some of you may remember APPL/CERT the state’s previous recruitment system which. APPL/CERT was a black screen/green letter system very much like PPDB.  We also used a paper job application form called the PD100.  In 2009, I was the business lead when the state replaced the old recruitment system with our current system.  Implementing the new recruitment system helped, but we really need a system that holds all aspects of an employee’s State government career from hire to retire. With Workday we will see this happen, so exciting!

Toward the beginning of my career in Oregon State government (around 2006), I took a project management certification class that emphasized the importance of planning. Throughout the course of this project, I have witnessed firsthand how important all of that “planning stuff” actually is; a project can be extremely challenging and overwhelming if the planning is not executed correctly. Luckily for me, and everyone else on the project team, Joyce (Project Manager) and Madilyn (project sponsor and Chief Human Resources Officer) have done an amazing job making sure that the planning aspect of this project is always going as smoothly as possible. Both are also highly experienced project managers.

I am so excited for Oregon state government to partner with Workday. This partnership is truly just the beginning of an enterprise-wide effort to serve as a single employer working with 21st century tools to meet best practices. Workday as a company is known for listening and helping their customers make the right decisions, and I look forward to that partnership for the benefit of Oregon State government’s current employees, future workforce and Oregon citizens.

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