Fun Fact: I am an avid gardener and outdoors(lady)! Last year my family and I canned hundreds of pounds of fruits and vegetables to feed our large family of 7. We have a very ‘homesteader’ attitude at our farmhouse and provide about 60% or more of the food we consume by growing, raising, catching, and hunting each year.

My role for the Workday Project team is being a part of the up and coming Help Desk, which includes training, security and development activities. I am primarily devoted to the legacy HR system (PPDB) and its functions.

Life without Workday is a very manual process with limited data properties, limited auditing capabilities and disconnected workflow. Due to the lack of data collected and retained, it is very challenging to report in complex areas such as succession planning, detailed turnover and budget exercises.

Workday has a higher level of detail including reporting hierarchy, equal employment opportunity (EEO) data, job segment detail, and employee performance. You have the ability to report on nearly every aspect of the information within the system and create customized reports for agencies to execute for themselves. It will also improve the accuracy of each file and data by setting measurable standards and safeguards.

The takeaways from working with the project team are most definitely too large to list, but if I were to make a list, project progression, planning, and team creation would be at the top. The level of detail and planning necessary in order to implement a system such as Workday is awe inspiring. Everything is new with this system, including how we approach everyday activities, so it has reinforced my ability to be flexible and learn quickly.

I have been working with the project team for nearly a year and a half and am just amazed by the team! Tackling a project so vast, one piece at a time. I am certain that once we launch the project and folks get an opportunity to truly integrate Workday in to their daily routines, they will see how much time it will save them. Also, with the new level of detail and access to information, it will help agencies to grow in analytics and productivity. I am excited to be a part of the Workday Help Desk unit, and to help out the Oregon state government workforce become familiar with the powerful tool that is Workday!

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